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Not your common artist on the rise….

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Selling Yourself Short…

OK,I just listened to some samples of songs from engineers saying they will mix and master your song starting at $5…. I’m not knocking anybody but if i was just slapping a preset on your track and putting a limiter on it to make it loud that would be one thing, but someone with the title engineer should know that the process is so much more than that. Mixing can take several hours of strategic skills to make someone else’s idea stand out. The tools used to mix and master can be a major investment, VST’s and analog gear can be very expensive. A few samples that i heard were terrible. what do you guys think?


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Music itself is one of the most beautiful forms of art, I believe that every person on this earth has a favorite genre of music and more than one favorite song.  Making music for a living can be very tricky on the other hand, because it is such a broad field of creativity.  Being a musician, audio engineer, or any musical position you may be can sometimes be misleading if you don’t focus on the reality of making music. It’s embarrassing to talk about, but I was fooled at a point in my life of thinking that all i had to do was be a good singer, songwriter, and engineer. Of course I was very wrong about approaching music, and how i thought i could so called “make it” in the industry. I was waiting for something that would not likely come, and it sounds harsh and it was not easy dealing with life and music at the same time. What actually helped me was to totally go back to my old thought process.  My hunger had changed, I remember showing my mom the same recording equipment every day telling her “Im going to have this one day”. I was very successful when i started because my mind was set on what i wanted and i worked on it daily, i even would buy used books from amazon studying recording and mixing without having one piece of equipment.  So don’t let your dreams die, if its your passion its a part of you that makes you unique. Im only telling you this because i almost gave up music, and it’s not worth it to give up what you love for the so-called “real world”. So here are “10 Things to help you get inspired” and hopefully stay that way.

  1. Think about what made you start wanting to make music – When you think back and find why music is so important to you, its a good chance you will want to pick it back up.
  2. Find someone who inspires you and research their journey – Finding other musicians onYouTube or any other platforms can be a motivation to keep going and a reason to keep pushing when you see what they had to overcome to get where they are.
  3. Be the person at the end of your journey today – Where do you want to be in 5 years as a musician? Work on being that person today, because if we never turn our thoughts and dreams into actions, they will only be thoughts and dreams.
  4. Surround yourself with success – Affiliate yourself with people with plans to be successful. It’s hard to be a positive individual if you are out-numbered by negative people.
  5. Study your craft – Reading is one of the most powerful learning tools that most of us won’t use.  Reading can give you insight on how other people view success, other ways to market your product, and useful information that others overlook.
  6. Sacrifice for success – Observe how you spend your time. Its hard to say you want success if you spend most of your day doing things that you can do without (Gaming, Facebook, TV, Etc.)  That is valuable time to make your dream come true.
  7. Write down your goals –  I know it sounds simple and it actually is, but writing down your goals helps you measure your success. You won’t be so quick to give up if you see that some of the goals you set are already accomplished.
  8. Invest in yourself – When you invest in something, you usually want to see a return on it. So why not challenge yourself to get a return on your efforts. Honestly, no one invested in me until I invested in myself.
  9. Stay Positive – We don’t realize that we are what we think about, so when we think about positive things we tend to have positive outcomes.  Life will happen, and it will never stop. You have to decide if your dreams are worth the ups and downs. 
  10. Know that money is not the Goal – Money will come, but you must love the craft in order to stay successful.  Think about it, when you get the car and house, do you stop everything that you have down to get to that point? the answer is NO. 

​I hope that this helps whoever reads it. I know that success is a broad term for many different people, but i believe that we all can be successful when we remember what we are passionate about and put it to work. Don’t give up even when you feel like life has gotten the best of you. I’ve been there, but I cant stay there. I stay busy like I have over 1 million fans and it helps, don’t focus on the numbers…. I focus on the product and being prepared. Taking one hour a day to work o your dream can change your life if you allow it to.

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