3 Ways to jumpstart your business

 If you’re like me, sometimes you get stuck in an ordinary routine. Sometimes that routine can be a job. Watching Netflix or streaming/gaming for hours. Social media can consume so many hours of your day without you knowing it. So when you’re starting a business or a side hustle, it can feel like you’re going against the grain. So if you’re really passionate about your business and really wanna see it grow, they’re a few things I think could really help 

Break out of your shell 

The easiest way to notice you’re in a shell is to look at your self like someone else would see you. Most people hire a mentor and one thing they do is evaluate you. So if you start to evaluate yourself first, you can notice many things about your self if you’re really serious. Some of those things should include: how you spend your free time, are you running your business like it’s your only source of income, and and are you educating yourself about the craft and the trends that could expand your business. 

Separate your business from your personal life 

One mistake I have made in the past was putting the money I made from my business into my personal accounts. That’s a big “No No”. It’s best to get a business account that way you can separate those funds, because the last thing you want to do is spend money that is need to make your business operate. 

Also if you work from home, and I know it can be tough but you have to have discipline about staying on task. Turn your phone off, and really get a full shift of work done as if you have a strict boss breathing down your neck saying “Let’s meet those Deadlines” 

Build Value... Build Value... Build Value. 

This is one of the many reason why there are so many businesses suffering, and I was in this category at one time. Also there are many things that can have you not reaching the clients who may like your work.I like to think that its a mindset shift from thinking “everybody needs to pay me” to “how can I build value in my business so its more about how amazing my products are or the customers love working with me” So with that being said, one of the primary things to focus on is how to improve your product and/or service.

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