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Platinum standard Mix is the best choice for high count recording sessions (Up to 96 audio stems) with tracked-out music stems. Includes Voice-tuning, radio-edits, show version, and instrumental release included. Mastering is included. 5 FREE Revisions -Track cleanup - Balancing each individual track’s volume - Separation of each musical element - Spatial placement of instruments - Adding effects to enhance sound - Volume, pan, effects, and master bus automation - Stereo or mono bounce of final mix - Metadata Encoding Industry Standard Mastering Radio Ready High Quality WAV File Mixdown Adding Ambience - Stereo Widening - Bass Enhancement - Maximization - Dynamic Expansion - Fades/Crossfades - Text/ISRC Encoding - iTunes Ready Noise Reduction, EQ, Compression, Peak Limiting, adding Ambiance, Stereo Widening. Bass Enhancement, Loudness Maximization, Dynamic Expansion, Fades/Crossfades & Noise Reduction.

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